Frontier Efficiency Applications: A Systematic Review of Studies on Ghana


  • Justice Djokoto
  • Francis Yao Srofenyoh Central University, Accra, Ghana
  • Kofi Aaron A-O. Agyei-Henaku Central University, Accra, Ghana
  • Akua A. Afrane-Arthur Central University, Accra, Ghana
  • Charlotte Badu-Prah Central University, Accra, Ghana
  • Ferguson Korbla Gidiglo Central University, Accra, Ghana


Efficiency, Ghana, Ghana industrial classification, ISIC classification, JEL classification, systematic review


The upsurge in efficiency studies has led to systematic reviews across countries focusing on specific measures of efficiency. We contribute to the literature by focusing on all dimensions of efficiency of primary studies for one country. Further, we analysed meta-frontier efficiency studies as well. Specifically, we conducted a systematic review to identify frontier studies on Ghana, the dimensions of efficiency measured, sectors studied, and assess the temporal evolution of the studies. Following a systematic search using keywords, we extracted data (literature) from various databases and found 179 relevant studies. Measures of efficiency other than technical efficiency were unpopular to frontier researchers. All the mean efficiency measures were below 1.00 the allowable maximum. Employing both activity-based and literature-based classification approaches, agriculture, broadly defined, was found to be the most attractive sector to frontier researchers. There is a need for more efficiency studies to investigate sectors such as services that have been growing astronomically in recent times in Ghana. 

Author Biographies

Francis Yao Srofenyoh, Central University, Accra, Ghana

Agribusiness Management Department

Kofi Aaron A-O. Agyei-Henaku, Central University, Accra, Ghana

Lecturer, Agribusiness Management Department

Akua A. Afrane-Arthur, Central University, Accra, Ghana

Lecturer, Agribusiness Management Department

Charlotte Badu-Prah, Central University, Accra, Ghana

Lecturer, Agribusiness Management Department

Ferguson Korbla Gidiglo, Central University, Accra, Ghana

Lecturer, Agribusiness Management Department


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