Consumer Perspectives on Street Food Safety: A Qualitative Study in Elmina, Ghana


  • Alexander Fiifi Ghartey
  • Kwabena Barima Antwi


Street food, Consumers, Foodborne diseases, risk factors, Regulation, Enforcement, Elmina


Foodborne diseases are a major public health concern. This study therefore sought to assess and fill the knowledge gap in consumer perspectives on street food safety, preference factors and how they perceive food regulation enforcement in the study area of Elmina, a world heritage site town and a major tourist destination in Ghana. A qualitative design using focus group discussion of consumers and in-depth interview of regulators was applied. It was found that consumers have varied understanding of factors that influence food safety. Whereas some consumers placed premium on personal and environmental hygiene, others depended mainly on socio-economic factors. Consumers also held the view that regulation enforcement in the study area had a big deficit. This was confirmed by regulators themselves. Strategies necessary for effective enforcement practices require
inter-agency collaboration. Household toilet policy must be vigorously pursued. Ultimately consumers have personal responsibility not to patronize unwholesome and unhygienic food.


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