French for Special Purpose in Some Ghanaian Hospitals – A Need for Specialist French in Medical Training Institutions

  • Comfort N. Y. Kokuma


This paper examines the need to teach French to staff in some hospitals in Ghana. This need calls for a short term French language training for staff in the hospitals. Statistics show that most of the specialist units of Ghanaian hospitals are being patronized by francophones. However, some of these patrons get frustrated because whereas they cannot express themselves in the English language, their service providers too cannot speak French. This language barrier has a
lot of repercussions. Based on Communicative Language Teaching of which the central theoretical concept is ‘‘communicative competence,’’ a term introduced into discussions of language use and second or foreign language learning in the early, this paper examines this need in the hospitals vis-à-vis the need to teach medical related French language to the medical trainees so that this demand is met in the long term. Data was collected from eighteen hospitals across the country to ascertain the level of demand for the French language in our hospitals. Data was analysed qualitatively and the findings reveal that hospitals in almost all the regions of Ghana have some number of francophone patronage. This calls for short term training of staff in French. In the long term, the language should be
taught in the Medical training institutions.


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