Reaching Informal Sector Clients: Communication Strategies of Unibank Ghana Limited

  • Ransford Antwi Central University
  • Denise Diana Duncan Central University


The study conducted in 2012 investigated strategies used by Unibank Ghana Limited (UGL) to reach its informal sector clients in 2011. Qualitative descriptive research methodology was used to collect data for the study. Sixteen expert informants were purposively selected and interviewed with documentary analysis done to complement data collected from the interviews. The findings of the study showed that in interacting with their informal sector clients, the bank did not rely on top-down communication approaches. Instead, they used two-way symmetrical, face-to-face, and other interpersonal communication strategies that tended to be more efficient and cost effective. The study  recommends that before a bank uses any medium of communication to reach its clients, it would be prudent for the bank to investigate and analyse the preferred modes of reaching its targeted publics. The era when businesses assumed that the mass media were the only reliable means for reaching their clients seems to be phasing out. At least, that has not been the UGL experience. 

Author Biographies

Ransford Antwi, Central University

Department of Communications

Senior Lecturer

Denise Diana Duncan, Central University

Department of Communication



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