Importance-Performance Matrix Analysis of the Effect of Packaging on Customer Purchase Decision in PZ Cussons, Ghana

  • Rotimi A Gbadeyan
  • Stephen Oduro
  • Rosemond Boohene


Packaging is a powerful weapon for stimulating consumer purchase decision. At times, this may not be the case, if companies have difficulty in coming up with a good packaging design. The objective of this study was to assess areas of
packaging that require the most managerial attention from customers’ perspective, using Importance-Performance Matrix Analysis (IPMA). A sample of 148 customers of PZ Cussons, Ghana were selected as respondents by simple random and convenience sampling methods. The SMART - PLS version 2.0 was the software used for the analysis. The findings revealed the information element as the most important attribute of packaging to consumers. The study concludes that innovative packaging elements are essential for enhancing the purchase decision of consumers. It is recommended that industries should deploy more resources to information elements on their packaging design in order to satisfy and delight their customers profitably.


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